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I come from a musical family, my dad played guitar at barn dances and my brother is a pedal steel player with the likes of Gordon Lightfoot, Anne Murray and many others. I started music in high school playing alto sax in the orchestra and stage band, and won the music achievement award at graduation. I also was playing sax with bands in the Opus World of Music Company. I took a hiatus from playing in the mid ‘80’s to focus on career and family at which point I bought an electric keyboard and taught myself a few chords. In the mid ‘90’s I started jamming with a few old friends and that’s where I met Gil Zurbrigg and Jim Reinhardt. They were in a band called Tone to the Bone and asked if I wanted to join doing vocals, sax and some keyboard. During a great 10 year run doing a lot of corporate work the band name changed back to Group Therapy. The band disbanded in 2007. Gil and I eventually joined a band called Another Blind Date, doing the Waterloo Car Shows and gigs at Little Lulus. Always wanting to go back to my horn roots, this time as a keyboard player, I formed Group Therapy & the OCD Horns, with previous bandmates, Gil, Peter and Rick, and a horn section of friends that played together in high school, Ray, Greg and Tony. Ian, an old friend of Peter, came on board on trombone and vocals.


Kevin was introduced to music at an early age and although not brought up in a musical family, he had a huge interest in music. “I was always fascinated with the sounds and how they made you feel”. “The closest thing I had in the family related to music was my grandfather who played a chromatic harmonica” “I remember hearing him play for us as kids and how he picked it up when serving time in the army” “I guess I owe him my first interest in music and will never forget” Kevin began his musical journey at an early age as a guitarist taking music lessons from the Ontario Conservatory of Music.  Participating in music competitions for the Ontario Conservatory as band member and part of a combos representing Port Colborne Ontario. His journey continued on playing guitar for High School dances and then upgraded to Street Dances for the community. The bar scene came early and he was playing in his first real band called First Offence while underage. “I can remember playing on stage and being escorted to the dressing room”. “Those were they only places I was allowed to be” Kevin has played in bands such as High Risk, Grandeur, Lock 8 & The Border Line Horns, Six Sense, Ground Floor and the George Hewison Trio. He can be found supporting the local Cambridge Music scene by volunteering and playing for the community as well as performing with Three For The Road.


Tony began studying under his father, Mike Bergauer, a well known local musician and educator.  He has played in theatre orchestras in numerous musicals throughout his career including West Side Story, Jesus Chris Superstar, My Fair Lady, Sweeney Todd, and Canterbury Tales.  He has performed in numerous ensembles including St. Mary’s Church Choir, Gilbert & Sullivan, and Opus II.  His current performance schedule includes Group Therapy & The OCD Horns, playing trumpet, singing lead and backup vocals.  He also sings tenor in  Soul Sauce, a 16 piece Jazz Vocal Ensemble who perform regularly in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Michael Bergauer

Michael Bergauer

Began studying under his father Mike Sr., a well-known local musician and noted music educator. He began playing professionally at the age of fourteen with the dance band Brass Line. A true veteran, Michael has worked with a variety of ensembles for the past 30 years including local big band legends Opus II and The Dublin Corporation. Other bands include Contraband, Jeff Griesbach’s Trio, the Ultimate Choice Jazz Band, the Red Rocket Review, the Irish Band Kelly’s Heroes and the Top Pocket Jazz Quartet. Michael has played in theatre orchestras in numerous musicals including My Fair Lady, Canterbury Tails, Godspell, Jes

Rick Duke

I come from a musical family.   I am the second of seven children and we all sang and/or played musical instruments. Because of the Beatles, I took up guitar at age ten. First playing experiences were playing folk masses at school and church. First musical group was with Sing-Out K-W (from the Up With People movement) which evolved into Project People. I also played in various dance bands playing different styles of music for private dances, weddings,high school and university formals, Christmas parties, Oktoberfest etc. One of those bands was Brassline, one of the bands under the banner of Opus World of Music.  I also played slide dobro in Millcreek Junction; a Gospel bluegrass band. Other groups included Blue Midnight, Another Blind Date, N-Stro-Man-X (surf rock band) and the Rick and David duo. Besides playing with Group Therapy and the OCD horns, I am the music ministry leader at Hazelglen Alliance Church.


Growing up in the Kitchener area, Greg started his professional career in high school, playing in local bars and for private functions. As a student of Humber College’s Music Performance program, Greg honed his skills performing in various jazz ensembles, blues and commercial bands. He has travelled throughout Canada playing a variety of music genres from blues, rock and big band to Elvis tributes and ethnic music.  Whether playing for a small gathering or to crowds of thousands, Greg has always maintained a passion for music and for playing the trumpet while working outside the music industry and actively participating in his family life with his wife and two amazing children. Greg is delighted to be a part of this group of strong and easygoing musicians.


A Kitchener native, Peter spent most of his teenage years as the drummer for local show group, Project People.   After that, he’s enjoyed playing off and on in several rock and country-rock bands while holding down a full-time career in the publishing business.

“Group Therapy and the OCD Horns has been a great experience – I get to play some of my favourite music with strong musicians and an opportunity to reconnect with good friends/band members, some of whom I’ve known for many years.”

Ian Cayton

Ian has been based in Kitchener, Ontario since 1975. Has toured Canada with the entertainment group, Project People and performs with a rock band in the GTA as well as a choir in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Ian played bass and Trombone with Chelsea Morning, Public Notice and Incognito in the 80`s as well as a 14 year stint with a nine piece band a local festhall for Oktoberfest.


Ray was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario and came from a very musical family including his mother who was a professional opera singer with the Canadian Opera Company. Following high school he attended Humber College for Music Performance.  Ray has been playing saxophones for over 40 years with many local bands including Ruby, Opus 11, Project People, Terry Odette and Top Pocket. He has also sat in with the horn section for Ray Charles and the Temptations at Lulu’s Roadhouse and played in opening bands for Eddie Money, Meatloaf  and Ray Lyle and the Storm.  Ray has recorded in studios locally and in Toronto and is presently playing with local bands Too Mutch Clutch and Group Therapy and the OCD horns.


Jim grew up in Kitchener/Waterloo, graduated University in Toronto and lived there for ten years.  “My number one instrument is guitar, but also play bass guitar, drums and sing too.  I’ve played in local bands since high school and am a founding member of the original Group Therapy Band.  I’ve always been fascinated by sound, especially how musical sounds best fit together in the presentation of great performances.  I am a “weekend warrior” recording engineer, have been for over twenty years and am definitely proud to be a certifiable “Tone Freak”!  I’m happy to be associated with these guys, all of whom play well and with much skill, but most importantly, “from the heart ” and you will hear it every time they make music together.  My job is to present their composite sound to you clearly and in such a fashion that their skills and passion for music, can be felt in your heart and soul and drive your experience to exhilaration and excitement”.
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